Which tool is right for me?

Use the table below to determine which video tool is ideal for your upcoming meeting, class, or event. 

Use CaseZoomBlackboard CollaboratePanopto
Meetings with work colleaguesbluecirclepadding
Academic meeting roomsbluecirclepaddingbluecirclepadding
Position interviewsbluecirclepadding
Classroom guest speakerbluecirclepaddingbluecirclepadding
Student organized meetingsbluecirclepadding
Lecture Capturebluecirclepadding
Video Assignment Submissionbluecirclepadding

Can’t find what you are looking for?

Put in a ticket at help.wcu.edu and let a member of our IT Video Services team help you find the right solution.

Need Assistance:

Phone: 828-227-7487
Email: ithelp@wcu.edu
Walk-up: Technology Commons, ground floor of Hunter Library